JangoDx is one subsidiary of JangoBio family of companies JangoBio’s core premise is that the age-related imbalance of sex hormones is the cause of aging. The hormones that regulate reproduction in humans promote growth and development early in life, in order for us to become reproductive adults, but later in life they fall out of balance which then drives the development of age-related diseases and ultimately death. JangoBio’s technology represents the next generation of hormone replacement therapies. These insights reveal a complete, long-term solution — a natural biologic approach to personalized medicine — not a short-term fix. Our vision is to help people (and animals) to live healthier lives, longer.

As part of this vision, we have created a group of companies to move us forward. JangoPet is the subsidiary that will move our next generation hormone replacement therapy to market in the companion animal market as the first step towards commercialization in the human market. JangoMed is the subsidiary for full commercialization in the human market. JangoCell provides cell biology products and services to biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies.