Employers around the world have adapted to new measures to limit the spread of COVID-19

This “new normal” involves more people working from home,
which can potentially worsen individual health by greatly
limiting options for physical activity and social interaction.

Employee Wellness In the COVID-19 ERA

Ensure your most trusted resources are receiving an abundance of care.

By adapting wellness solutions for this unique and unprecedented situation, our customers can ensure that economic losses are minimized thanks to a healthy workforce that can continue to perform job tasks at optimum levels.  In response to the workforce changes precipitated by COVID-19, JangoDx offers turnkey, budget-friendly solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed to a dispersed workforce and address multiple areas of health.

COVID-19 TESTING - powered by JangoDx

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  • Mobile testing services that provide employers, properties, and communities with direct access to onsite COVID-19 testing
  • Convenient for employees and residents, reduces fear, and is a proactive way to help contain the virus
  • High quality antigen and antibody tests are authorized by the FDA and can be used to determine active and past infections

Increase employee well-being
via bespoke health content

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  • Curated, evidence-based health tips sent via text messages
  • Digital wellness flyers branded to your organization
  • Email newsletters that provide updates on the latest COVID-19 developments
  • Discussion topics include stress management, ergonomics, behavior modifications, healthy eating, fitness, and more




JangoDx will help you navigate these choppy waters, so you can continue running your ship:

Using JangoDx for employee health & COVID-19 testing, our customers rapidly implement protocols to keep their employees productive and happy, limiting interruptions

Employers and H.R. Management can breathe a sigh of relief.  Using the best protection strategy possible, JangoDx can ensure you and your employees thrive in 2021

Biometric screening

JangoDx’s Biometric Screening Service provides a rapid assessment of an employee’s risk for certain diseases. While individual test results are confidential to your employee, aggregate clinic results may help employer groups reduce insurance claim costs by gaining a better understanding of the health status and risks of the entire employee population. Your program can be designed to fit your company’s needs.

Custom, customer applications...

HIPAA-compliant cloud tools offer the healthcare industry many benefits including cost savings,
remote file sharing, custom applications,
and expanded storage, giving organizations the ability
to create a dynamic, future-proof infrastructure.